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We've helped over 300 UK businesses make the transition from paper, spreadsheets, legacy systems or CRMs that they've decided aren't fit for purpose or just confuse their teams.

Our product of choice is Zoho CRM. We're a Premium Partner and have been working with the product for eight years. The platform is secure, stable and cost-effective. With 45+ integrated business apps, it's scalable too. You can add components as you need them and grow steadily.

We've found that businesses who engage with a Zoho Premium Partner at the start of the process will have a smooth implementation and benefit from our sector and industry experience from previous projects.

We usually start with Zoho CRM, but we specialise in the products focussed around core business functions - Sales, Marketing and Service & Delivery. Our team are trained to provide Consultancy, Implementation, Training and Advanced Support specific to these products.




Selecting the right tool for your business can be a challenge. We've done the hard work for you. We recommend and use Zoho CRM as it's customisable, scalable and secure.

Zoho CRM

Step-by-Step Guide to successfully implementing Zoho CRM


Online Consultancy

Let’s start at the beginning. Your first consultation is always free. That's our joint opportunity to find out about each other's business and understand your main goals and requirements for a new CRM.

Following the initial consultation, we'll provide you with a fixed fee for the project. If you agree to move forward, we'll have further online consultancy meetings to agree the scope. A Scope of Works will be provided so we can commence work.

Zoho CRM builds usually take around 4-6 weeks to complete.



It's now time to implement the agreed Scope of Works. We'll have everything agreed and ready to go. We set up Zoho CRM correctly so you don't need to worry about signing up for a trial. If you have an existing trial, don't worry, we can always accommodate.

During the implementation phase, we will customise the CRM to meet the needs of your business, set up new workflows, create the initial dashboards and reports and provide coding for any bespoke functions and integrations.

Following implementation, we have a rigorous Test & QA process to ensure that all elements agreed in the Scope of Works have been delivered.



Migrating your existing data will ensure that you can continue where you left off with your Lead, Contact, Account and Sales information organised in your new CRM.

Migrations can often be as simple as importing data from clean CSVs, but sometimes it's a little more complex. We'll discuss a migration plan with you during the Consultancy phase so you know what to expect and what data we'll need.


Training Webinars

When your new CRM is ready, we will provide you with online training webinars for all your users. We can't stress enough how important this phase is for user adoption of the new CRM and consistency in process.

As standard, we provide three 2-Hour webinars which cover Starter, Advanced and Extra training. The Starter training will help your users get up and running quickly, the Advanced training will enable them to do everything they need to do in the CRM and Extra training will introduce more capabilities including use of the mobile app.

Additionally, we also provide an optional, intensive 5-Part course for Admins. This webinar series takes teams or individuals through every component of the CRM setup to enable you to manage and maintain your own system.

And, as a final bonus, you and your team will be invited to our regular One Hour Workouts where we pick a topic and show you how to configure, manage and use this in your own CRM. You'll also have access to previous recordings in our video portal.


Advanced Support

Once you're up and running, we'll be there to help you innovate, grow and advance your new CRM system. Our Advanced Support service provides you with a team of expert Consultants, Developers, Testers and Trainers to provide you with everything you need to continuously develop your system.

The service is flexible, cost-effective and managed by our Client Services Manager based in the UK. We have access to Premium Partner Support in Zoho, so can manage Zoho requests on your behalf.


Reports and Analytics

Once we get to know you and your business, we'll be able to advise on Reports and Analytics. This is usually the end result of all your hard work. We've implemented the CRM, trained the users and now we have lots of data to produce stunning visual dashboards and real-time reports that give you an instant view on business performance.

We love Zoho. It's what we do.

Zoho Premium Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a Zoho Premium Partner?

We deploy Zoho for a living. As such, we absolute experts in our field. We understand UK businesses and how they operate and work across many sectors. So, we've seen it all over the 8 years. We've made all the mistakes so you don't have to.

Is Zoho Secure?

Absolutely. All our new UK clients are hosted within the EU and the data centres are compliant to ISO/IEC 27001 which is the highest global standards. Zoho take data privacy very seriously and your data is your own and will never be used for advertising.

What is the typical cost for a CRM implementation?

CRM implementations vary between businesses. Get in touch and we can discuss your exact needs to give you an indication.

Who are Target Cloud?

We're a small team of friendly folk based around the globe. The business is managed by Craig and Sara from the HQ in Norwich, UK. Duncan is our Client Services Manager, based in Edinburgh and we have a collaboration with a Norwich based development company for integrations, extensions and bespoke work. Craig founded the business in 2014 after a successful sales career with BT Global Services.

What size of businesses do you work with?

We work with businesses with a minimum of 25 employees and up to 500 employees. We find this is a good fit for our approach and Zoho CRM is an excellent choice for this size of business.

Why choose Target Cloud?

We're a long term choice. We work in partnership with our trusted clients to grow together. Clients have become our friends over the years and it's this that sets us apart. We're trusted to make good decisions, provide sound advice based on Zoho best practice, innovate when required and most importantly, enjoy working together!

We already have Zoho CRM. Can we help?

We only provide new implementations of Zoho CRM. Existing Zoho clients are welcome to use our value-add services such as CRM Toolkit and RingCentral MVP.

Ready to Get Started?

Our free initial consultation is a really great way to start. We'll ask lots of questions about your business and what your goals and objectives are for a new CRM.

Complete the details below and we'll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange your first session.

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