Expertise to help you get started with Zoho

Friendly, approachable and expert consultancy for businesses looking to get started with Zoho.

Effective Zoho training to empower your team

Bespoke Zoho training delivered onsite and online for end users, teams and administrators.

Need a Zoho Advanced Partner at your fingertips?

UK based operation with accessible, advanced expertise for Zoho

Efficient service desk to track your requests

Accurate time reporting for full transparency

Flexible packages to suit all business needs

Already have Zoho but you want to get more from your investment?

You may have already deployed Zoho but know you can do more. With so much scope and 40+ apps at your fingertips, it’s a powerful set of business tools.

Now it’s time to find out what Zoho can really do to help you grow and improve your business.


Is your business looking to move from paper and spreadsheets to Zoho CRM but you want to ensure you get it right from the start.

Our expert consultants will guide you through every step of the way to ensure we understand your business and configure Zoho CRM for your needs.


Do you already have Zoho CRM but don’t think you’re getting the most from your investment?

Our expert consultants understand Zoho and will complete a full review of your existing implementation and recommend process and system changes to help make the changes you need.


For new and existing Zoho deployments, we provide online and onsite bespoke training for your teams. We cover end users and admin training.

Our trainers have all completed several Zoho implementations and are very hands-on. We’ve also been in Sales so we understand what each sales role needs from training.

Advanced Support

Do you have Zoho but require and Advanced Partner at your fingertips? An extension to your team, our agents are all absolute experts in Zoho and ready to help.

With a fully managed Service Desk, our service is efficient, highly skilled and ready to partner with your business.

Improve Sales Process

With over 20 years in sales, Target Cloud understands what CRM needs to deliver for your revenue to grow and your sales people to perform.

CRM is the cornerstone of the Zoho One suite and we’re the absolute UK experts.

In Depth Reporting

Deep insights into your data.

We’ll integrate Analytics with your other Zoho tools to give you a full dashboard of your entire business.

With our knowledge and expertise, we’ll help create the reports and dashboards you don’t even know you need yet.

Quotes & Invoicing

UK Centric advice and implementation for Zoho Books.

Help with designing and sending stunning Quotes and Invoices to your clients.

Advice and help on using Zoho Books to manage your business finances.

Essential tool for Making Tax Digital.

GDPR Compliant Email Marketing

Fully integrated with Zoho CRM for complete control and compliance.

We’ll help you all the way. From setting up your segmentation to sending well-designed emails to your clients and prospects.

Easy way to take online payments

Make it easy for your clients to buy from you.

Fully integrated with Zoho Books to manage your online payment pages.

We’ll help you all the way. From setting up your pages and templates to integrating with CRM notifications and more.


Say goodbye to internal emails

Chat. It’s the modern way to communicate.

Built specifically for your internal business communications.

Easy to get started, even easier to use, we’ll setup and manage Zoho Cliq for your company.

Think Whatsapp but safe, secure and compliant.


Improve client communications and team organisation

Desk is a total gamechanger for every business we’ve implemented it in.

No more shared email inbox chaos or lack of ownership.

Team members know what queries they’re dealing with on a daily basis and clients feel loved and well informed.

Every business needs Desk and it’s just so easy to start.


Save the environment

The time has come. No more paper forms.

Look around your business today. If a paper form exists, we’ll turn it into a stunning online one for you.

Then integrate it with CRM so that you can send out easily and don’t have to re-enter any information to start your process.

Secure, environmentally-friendly and efficient.

Forms is a great way to start your Zoho journey.


The big ONE

Zoho One. A complete system for your business.

Replace every tool you’re paying good money for with one simple license fee based on the number of employees in your business.

Managed from One Admin Panel, we’ll be there as your partner to guide you every step of the way.


Invoice. Rinse. Repeat.

The ultimate business model. A repeat subscription for a happy client.

Zoho Subscriptions is the perfect tool for managing your perfect business model. It does all the hard maths and paperwork for you.

We’ll help you get started and integrate with your other Zoho tools as needed.


Know your clients

Understand what they think of you, what they need next and bring in new prospects with Zoho Survey.

Integrated with Zoho CRM, it can be a very powerful tool to help with so much in your business – client satisfaction, new prospect questionnaires and record updates.

We’ll help you get started, create surveys and integrate. Just let us know what you need.


Meet the team. We’re a friendly bunch.


Finance Director


Advanced Support


Advanced Support





You're in safe hands

We're a Zoho Advanced Partner.

We love Zoho. It's all we do.

This means that we have access to the development teams and partner support at all times. We can be trusted with your critical systems - we treat them like they're our own - with utmost care and security.

Advanced Consultancy, Advanced Training, Advanced Support. Advanced Partner.

Your Zoho Journey Starts Here

At Target Cloud, we believe in partnership with our clients.

You can start your journey at any stage. You may be looking to start at the beginning with a new CRM system or you may need some additional consultancy and training for your existing Zoho environment. We'll be there to support you with our Advanced Support packages. Let's get started....





Moving from another CRM to Zoho or just implementing CRM for the first time?

We make it easy at Target Cloud. Guiding you every step of the way, we’ll provide a fixed quote for an implementation of Zoho CRM built for your business. We’ll migrate data from your existing systems and ensure that Zoho works for you from day one.



Get the most from your investment in Zoho.

Getting the right design and process in place for your Zoho environment is critical to its success. Our bespoke consultancy draws on 5 years of hands-on Zoho  experience and over 20 years of industry and sales experience.



Want to improve user adoption and experience for Zoho?

Our bespoke training packages for Zoho products are delivered by expert trainers both onsite and online.

Advanced Support

Does your business use Zoho, but you need some extra help?

Our Advanced Service Desk is available to help with customisation, integrations, workflows, reports, user management, permissions, custom functions and much more…


Zoho CRM is clear winner over Salesforce in Business Choice Awards

Following the success of the PCMag survey, where Zoho CRM came out on top as the winner of the Business Choice Awards 2019, we thought it would be wise to delve into the results and showcase just why we are the right choice for clients.Following in the...

What’s up with Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a truly superb tool. I use it for keeping in touch with family and organising events with friends. It's easy to use, simple to access and works on practically every device.But, given today's revelations about a security breach, it's not a tool...
Zoho Flow gallery

Zoho Flow – why go with the flow when you can create your own

Zoho Flow extends on those internal automation functionalities and allows you to create automations between Zoho apps and also between Zoho and 3rd party apps.

Zoho PageSense – the swiss-army knife for conversion rate optimization

We’ve been testing PageSense at Target Cloud for a few months now and are excited to share our impressions.

Easy way for Estate Agents to process incoming leads

Estate Agents receive hundreds of leads per day from web-based vendors such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, Tepilo and more. The problem is, the vendors don't make it particularly easy for them. Each time someone clicks on the Request Details button, the good...

Organising your sales email inbox

The simplicity of the sales@ inbox Since the dawn of email, every business has had a sales@ or help@ or info@ email address to capture a collect a whole array of incoming emails. A common, used-by-everyone inbox is simple to set up when you start out in...
Use strong passwords

Improve your password management ready for GDPR

Passwords are such a pain to manage. On average, a business or trade will access over 20 systems including personal data, emails, calendars, appointment systems, supplier websites, online stores and more. Storing these passwords so that they're accessible...

Using Mail Merge in Zoho CRM

Even in our digital age, certain businesses and types still rely on sending a letter or a document. With Zoho CRM, producing this information can be as simple as sending an email when configured correctly. The Mail Merge feature in Zoho CRM is easy to use...

Why Zoho One is a Total No-Brainer for a Sole Owner Business

Like any business, sole traders and sole proprietorship need applications to function. Managing the business on spreadsheets, mobile contacts and notes, email inboxes becomes unmanageable as the business grows. It creates managed chaos. This is when these...

Migrating to Zoho One Step-by-Step : Storage

I love Dropbox. I moved to it 3 years ago when I finally lost it with Office 365's OneDrive. The synchronisation issues I faced daily just meant that I had to switch it off. So, I made the move to Dropbox on their £8 a month plan. It's an individual plan...

Are Chatbots the Future of Customer Service?

With between 1.5 and 1.7% of the UK job market being call centre staff, it’s clear that people are important in customer service. Though call centres often have high staff turnover and arguably dealing with repetitive tasks plays a part. Waiting times can be high as...

Need an artificially intelligent sales team?

When I logged into my Zoho CRM this morning, I noticed something rather compelling. Against one of my clients, it had a “Best time to call” notification. It said my chances of getting through to her were best in 11 minutes’ time. Intrigued, I called anyway. When my...

Sell Less to Sell More

After nearly 300 meetings in 3 years with 4Networking, it's time to share with you how it's worked for Target Cloud. Networking can be a strange marketing platform. And it's just that. A marketing platform. Networking is not about sales. It generates sales, but to do...

Zoho CRM Custom Modules : Use Auto Numbers from the start

When setting up a custom module for a client in Zoho CRM, I always advise using an Auto Number rather than the default Name as the indexed field. The reason for this is that records don't always have a name. Even if they do, you can then add a custom field for the...

Implementing Zoho Desk is a game changer and why 5 tools just didn’t work

I've implemented Zoho Desk and it's a game changer. In my first two years as a startup, I had firmly ticked two boxes when it came to systems to manage my business. Zoho CRM is the platform for sales and marketing and Xero has great features and advantages for...

How to collect visitor data at trade shows for just 79p

Investing in a stand at a business show or trade show is expensive and you need to see a return on that investment. When things go your way, you may pick up a piece of business that on the day that justifies the cost, but if it doesn't, you need to make sure that...

Migrating from Insightly to Zoho CRM – Step by Step Guide

Migrating from Insightly to Zoho CRM has been a challenge so I thought I would share some of the stumbling blocks so that you don't have to go through the pain if you're planning on migrating. Plan your migration window Moving from one operational system to another...

Using technology to make cold calling highly effective

Cold calling gets results. Simple. Picking up the phone and speaking to someone with the intention of helping solve a problem for them is a straightforward, quick and effective way of meeting yours and their goals.  I've been working with Ermine Amies of Sandler...

Using Zoho Cardscanner to import business cards

Collecting business cards from networking events, trade shows and in social situations is pretty standard behaviour. It's what we do with that valuable information afterwards that really counts. It's a wonderful gesture in business when someone shares their business...

GB Cycling Team : 7 Lessons we can learn in business from this inspirational bunch

I've really enjoyed watching the cycling at the Rio Olympics. The Great Britain team are a masterclass in commitment, teamwork and an outright will-to-win. As business owners, we've always had lots to learn from those who compete at the highest levels. Here's my take...

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