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Address Lookup for Zoho CRM

A faster, easier way to enter and verify addresses in Zoho CRM


Let's keep it simple

A great CRM starts with great data. Address Lookup for Zoho CRM helps ensure accurate and complete address entry as you type in real-time in Zoho CRM. Our extension standardises all global addresses upon entry in Zoho CRM, even if you make a typo.

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Address Lookup for Zoho CRM only uses up-to-date, accurate address data provided by multiple global sources.

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Users will experience auto-complete on addresses ensuring a simple experience when searching and adding addresses to records.

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Our lookups start from just 2.8p UK or 2c US, so it's a simple and cost-effective addition to Zoho CRM.

How to install Address Lookup for Zoho CRM


Ensure you're logged into Zoho CRM

You'll need Zoho CRM to install the extension. If you're not already a user of Zoho CRM, but want to deploy a CRM with Address Lookup, then visit this page to book a free initial consultation.


Visit the Zoho Marketplace

Address Lookup for Zoho CRM is now available on Zoho Marketplace. Follow the instructions to install.

View Extension on Zoho Marketplace
Address Lookup Install Screen 1


Choose Users and Profiles

By default, Address Lookup will be installed for Admins only, but you can change this on the next screen by specifying "All Users" or choosing the Profiles who you wish to provide access to. This is an extension that all users will find helpful. Select the option you require and press Confirm.

Address Lookup Install Screen 2


Enter Your API Key

On the next screen, you'll be asked for an API Key. We will provide an API Key once you enable a package from the options provided.

If you have an API Key, enter the code provided and press Save.

If you would like to evaluate the product for 7 days, press Skip and you can enter your API Key later in the Configure page shown in Step 5 below.

The installation is now complete and you will now see a summary screen on the Installed Components, a Support link and the ability to Uninstall the extension.

Address Lookup Screen 3


Map Your Custom Address Fields and adding your API Key

You may have configured custom address fields in Zoho CRM. This is very common. As a default, Address Lookup is configured to map to system address fields for Lead, Contact and Account modules. To change these, go to your Extension Settings and click Edit.

You can add your API Key from this screen.

Once in Edit mode, you can assign the system standard field to a custom field by changing the API name listed and selecting Save.

To find your API Names and map correctly, you can do this via Setup>Developer Space>APIs. Choose the module you wish to map and select API Names. Be careful to enter the API Name as it appears here into your Extension Settings.


Try out your new extension

To try out your Address Lookup extension, head to Leads, Contacts or Accounts and create a new record. When in the record, you'll see a Custom Button named "Address Lookup" - go ahead and press it.

Address Lookup Screen 4

This will bring up the Address Lookup interface. Try typing in any address. You can use the Post Code, Street Name or any part of the address that you know. You'll see it start to Auto-Complete as you type.

Address Lookup Screen 5

Select the address you want to use and it will present a summary. Press Select Address and your CRM record fields will be populated with the accurate address.

Address Lookup Screen 6
Address Lookup Screen 7


Add your Address Lookups

If you find the extension useful (we hope you do!), you'll need a plan to continue using Address Lookup for Zoho CRM after 7 days.

Pricing for Address Lookups start from :

  • UK Customers : 2.8 pence per Lookup
  • US Customers : 2 cents per Lookup

Complete the form and let us know your requirements. We'll be in touch within 24 hours with a quote.

Client Testimonials

"With Target Cloud, you get a team who want to get under the skin of your business, understand what you're doing and why you're doing it and how Zoho can help you achieve it faster and better"

Ben Moulton | Commercial Director | Anglia Freight

"Everything is much more streamlined now. Everyone can access the information they need easily. Using Target Cloud has catapulted our business forwards and since then, we've come up with lots of ideas for the future so we can keep growing."

Martin Satchwell | Sales Manager | Orbital Food Machinery

"With Zoho up and running and staff properly trained to use it, it’s freed up my time for other important projects, Target Cloud focused our demands. They are very responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with."

Maxine Greene | Marketing Manager | SessionCam

"Both our companies are in a service industry, where you survive by providing an exemplary customer experience. With Target Cloud the differentiator is their speed of service, their capability to listen and their ability to translate tasks/requests into results."

Brian Thomson| Managing Director | Finance4Patients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to lookup Addresses?

Addresses are complex data. We see so much inconsistency when we're doing reports and data imports. With Address Lookup, all your address data will be accurate as it's checked against the Post Office data and other global sources.

I need more Lookups

Our packages are very flexible. We can provide any number of Lookups based on usage. Send us an enquiry with your expected number of lookups.

Do lookups expire?

Let us know what your daily/weekly/monthly usage is likely to be and we'll agree a price for the year based on those figures. Unused credits expire at the end of the year and there's no ongoing commitment to renew.

Who are Target Cloud?

We're a small team of friendly folk based around the globe. The business is managed by Craig and Sara from the HQ in Norwich, UK. Duncan is our Client Services Manager, based in Edinburgh and our team of developers are based in India. Craig founded the business in 2014 after a successful sales career with BT Global Services.

Is the extension secure?

Absolutely. No data is stored for your searches.

What if I use more Lookups in a month than my package allows?

We can set your account to stop after you've reached your limit. The tool would stop working for that month. Or, if you prefer, you can continue to use it and we'll just invoice you for the extra.

Why choose Target Cloud?

We're a long term choice. We work in partnership with our trusted clients to grow together. Clients have become our friends over the years and it's this that sets us apart. We're trusted to make good decisions, provide sound advice based on Zoho best practice, innovate when required and most importantly, enjoy working together!

Plans for all levels

Getting started with Address Lookup for Zoho CRM couldn't be easier. Just let us know your lookup requirements and we'll send a quote followed by your API Key once the rate is agreed. You'll receive monthly reports detailing your usage. You can choose to have your package limited to just your monthly lookups or you can go over and we'll invoice for the extra at your prevailing rate.

Pricing for Address Lookups start from :

  • UK Customers : 2.8 pence per Lookup
  • US Customers : 2 cents per Lookup

Complete the form and let us know your requirements. We'll be in touch within 24 hours with a quote.