What We Do

Zoho CRM Implementation

We've helped over 200 UK businesses make the transition from paper, spreadsheets, legacy systems or CRMs that they've decided aren't fit for purpose or just confuse their teams.

Make the move to Zoho CRM using Target Cloud's tried and tested process including Consultancy, Implementation, Migration, Training and Advanced Support.

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Address Lookup for Zoho CRM

A great CRM starts with great data. Address Lookup for Zoho CRM helps ensure accurate and complete address entry as you type in real-time in Zoho CRM.

Our extension standardises all global addresses upon entry in Zoho CRM, even if you make a typo.

One Hour Workouts

We host regular online webinars covering a range of Zoho and related products and topics. The sessions are focussed, often fast but always a full workout. Every attendee always learns something new.

Our One Hour Workout Portal provides you with full access to all previous workouts and recordings.

Analytics as a Service

We help UK businesses understand, analyse and visualise the data collected across various systems. We present the data using secure, cloud technology so it's instantly accessible from anywhere and any device.

Our product of choice is Zoho Analytics. We're an Advanced Partner and have been working with the products for eight years.

Zoho CRM Integrated VoIP

Manually logging and entering calls in Zoho CRM can be a real pain for your users and lead to inaccurate or incomplete information in your Lead and Contact records.
Let's make it simple. Integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) is very straightforward using our setup service. You'll benefit from seeing every single call, inbound and outbound, in the CRM record. This leads to better data and hence, improved reporting for your business.