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Advanced Support for Zoho CRM

We're your friendly, on-tap Zoho Premium Partner and a valuable extension to your team.

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Flexible and cost effective support to enhance, improve and support your Zoho environment

Hours Don't Expire

Hours Don't Expire

We don't believe in hours expiring when you haven't used them. Your hours remain available until used.

Accurate Time Recording

Accurate Time Recording

Our Zoho experts record time entries accurately against each Request so you can see the value.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports

Each week, you'll receive a report detailing the work carried out and the hours used.

We love Zoho. It's what we do.

Zoho Premium Partner

What's included in Advanced Support?

Our popular and productive Advanced Support is there to support your business with Zoho CRM and other Zoho products. Typically, our requests range from simple, administrative tasks to creating integrations, workflows and reports. In general, tasks are not part of a wider project.

We aim to turnaround simple requests within 48 hours and more complex tasks can take 7-10 days. We always work efficiently to help you achieve your goals.

Requests can be varied and we try to resolve each and every single request. Typically, they will fall into one of the categories below :

Users and Security

Managing users, adding/removing users. Assigning Roles and Profiles. GDPR settings, Territory management.


Email integration with Microsoft 365 / Gmail / IMAP, telephony integrations with RingCentral, Live Chat integrations with SalesIQ and setting up Customer Portals.


Adding, reviewing and removing fields from a module, new custom modules, adding Layout/Validation Rules and custom Links and Buttons.


Creating and managing Email, Inventory and Mail Merge templates.

Custom Home Pages

Creating Custom Home Pages for specific roles and individual users.


Creating Workflows, Schedules, Assignment Rules and Scoring Rules to match business process.

Process Management

Understanding business process and converting into Blueprints, Approvals and Review Processes.

Data Administration

Importing data from CSV or other platforms and managing Backups.


Evaluating, testing and installing Marketplace extensions and integrating with other Zoho services.

Custom Functions

Adding custom code to provide functionality not available in Zoho CRM.

Reports and Analytics

Creating bespoke Reports and Analytics dashboards to present your data from Zoho CRM.

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