Case Study : SessionCam

About SessionCam

SessionCam is an intelligent assistant that understands customer frustration and reveals the most valuable insights in website visitors’ behaviour. The company were looking for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that gives a better view of its customers – from acquisition through to retention.

Investing in a solution for everyone

When your business is expanding rapidly, keeping track of company data and marketing reports can get complicated. Complicated is the opposite of what SessionCam needed.

SessionCam needed a CRM solution that tracks the entire customer lifecycle.

The company identified the need for closer collaboration and transparency between departments. Everyone from Accounts to Sales had to be on the same page when it came to tracking leads and marketing outcomes. Zoho was a perfect fit.

Expert support

SessionCam wanted to make sure they got the most out of Zoho, so when they felt they could go further than the official online support, it was time to call in an expert.

“During the later stages of the setup, we found areas of Zoho that we wanted to make use of but that required some guidance,” explains Maxine Green, SessionCam’s Head of Marketing.

Craig Davies from Target Cloud – one of Zoho’s local partners – spent a week with SessionCam to assess the company’s needs and help the team to use the more advanced features of Zoho.

“Craig filled us with confidence and reassured us that it was easy to get used to using Zoho,” Maxine adds.

Back to basics

First, Craig needed to understand SessionCam’s day-to-day operational challenges. By learning how the sales process worked, everything started to fall into place. It wasn’t about just putting the right information in the right fields, it was about gaining a solid grasp of tracking leads from beginning to end.

Craig helped to map out SessionCam’s workflow and trained staff to make the most of Zoho’s capabilities — allowing the company to track the impact of their marketing activity so they could see what works. Custom functionality was put in place to tailor the system specifically to their business.

“Craig gave us confidence that we were using Zoho in the best way for our business”.

Business results

Target Cloud’s support was extremely useful and effective as it got right down to uncovering and implementing SessionCam’s specific needs.

“With Zoho up and running and staff properly trained to use it, it’s freed up my time for other important projects,” Maxine summarises. “Craig focused our demands. He was very responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Now that it’s being operated by trained staff, Zoho enables SessionCam to optimise the use of its resources. It streamlines tracking marketing outcomes and saves time across departments. SessionCam continues to call on Target Cloud’s expert support on an ongoing basis.

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