Case Study : Finance4 Group


Finance 4 Patients provides Interest Free Finance products into the Dentistry market, which assists in making the cost of treatments more affordable. Founder and Managing Director, Brian Thomson, built the company from the ground up using a state-of-the-art e-signature online finance application gateway, which enables clients to complete a credit application from the comfort of their own homes.

What was the problem you needed to solve?

Brian has been running his own businesses since 1992, considering himself a traditional Sales and Marketing person. However, he has always had a huge focus on how technology can help in running a business, becoming proficient in using relational databases and CRM systems over the years. After finding Zoho CRM, he became very adept at using it and putting it all together. However, he found more and more time was being spent learning and developing his Zoho CRM, eventually deciding he needed a balance between “doing it yourself and bringing in a professional”.

How did you come across Target Cloud?

Via online research, Brian spoke to various Consultants, without much success. Eventually he found Authorised Zoho Partner, Target Cloud, and its owner Craig Davies, describing it as “One of the best things that’s happened to me in business in a long time”.

What did you like about their delivery/approach?

“Craig’s capability to listen is very positive. He knows small businesses and takes a great interest in your CRM whilst not being judgemental. When you need positive guidance, Craig has that immediate understanding.”

“Both our companies are in a service industry, where you survive by providing an exemplary customer experience. With Target Cloud the differentiator is their speed of service, their capability to listen and their ability to translate tasks/requests into results.”

Remote support

With Target Cloud being based in the South East of England, does Brian ever feel there is an issue not having ‘local’ support available?

“Not an issue at all. I have over 800 Dental practices as customers throughout the UK, with all our business being processed via the cloud. With Target Cloud, their delivery is with screen-sharing, video conferencing, telephone and email.” Craig has an updating system that constantly keeps you informed of progress as well.”

Would you recommend Target Cloud?

“Absolutely! I’m happy to be recommend and refer anyone to Target Cloud. I consider Craig to be a very fundamental and important part of the team at Finance 4 Patients.”

Now that it’s being operated by trained staff, Zoho enables SessionCam to optimise the use of its resources. It streamlines tracking marketing outcomes and saves time across departments. SessionCam continues to call on Target Cloud’s expert support on an ongoing basis.

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