Case Study : Anglia Freight

Anglia Freight are a family run haulage company based in Suffolk specialising in moving goods on pallets and some non-pallet deliveries. They focus on customers and companies who’ve had issues in the past with customer service, ranging from failed deliveries to poor communication. They service 400-450 accounts across Suffolk and South Norfolk. Efficiency and reliability are therefore key factors in maintaining a professional service.

The Problem

Anglia Freight were looking to improve their CRM when Zoho and Target Cloud were recommended by a trusted business contact.

‘By then we’d had lots of different demonstrations and people had come in. We’d gotten to the point where we thought we weren’t going to find something that worked financially for us and did what we wanted it to do. We thought, if it comes recommended by someone we trust, we’ll give it a whirl.’

The Solution

After being shown the capabilities of Zoho, Anglia Freight started with the CRM and bolted on the campaign marketing tools, customer surveys, form openings, Zoho quoting and invoicing for payment online.

‘Quickly it's gone from a CRM to a suite of tools allowing the business to function quickly and easily from the office or a mobile.’

A big objective for Target Cloud is to work with companies to understand their goals so the best possible solutions can be put in place with ease and accessibility for all staff.

‘What made Craig stand out was that he wanted to understand what Anglia Freight was all about and what our ambitions were for our sales cycle. It wasn’t just out of the box and changing some labels, it was very much assessing what we wanted to achieve. We qualify someone, we go into a discovery phase, we propose to them and then we close it. That was very much part of what we talked through with Craig in our meetings.’

Building relationships with members of staff and working collaboratively makes the set-up of Zoho seamless and enjoyable.

 ‘Craig is professional, his systems are good and he uses time well. It felt like he was a member of staff, not a stranger coming in. When we had training, it was well planned, coherent and it led on from the things I’d highlighted as important.’

Being accessible is at the core of Target Cloud. We strive to provide workable solutions with ease and in a timely fashion.

‘It was a simple to set up account with a set fee each month for as much time as we needed.

Craig is very personable, easy to associate with and he puts me at ease. Also, he’s a local supplier so it’s great to know you can pick up the phone and have someone sat in front of you in a couple of days. Having that flexibility and reassurance makes me feel a lot more comfortable about getting things done.


Staff training is key in the smooth running of Zoho and once key members of staff are competent the impact is immense.

‘We have hit the ground running. Craig’s training sessions increased the uptake, inspired others to have a go and its branched out across the company. That’s mainly because people have seen others using it in a positive way and not having to struggle to get used to yet another piece of IT.’

After the initial setup, support with Target Cloud is ongoing and can be tailored to the needs of each business.

‘I know where Craig is and I can get him if I need any work done. It’s a credit to him that he has Zoho so well set up for us that we don’t need to rely on him, yet he’s still there to support should the need arise. We pay a subscription, we get a bit of online help, if that’s not enough we can go back to Craig. That’s the kind of relationship you want.’

When Zoho is well implemented, it has an immense impact on the efficiency of any business.

‘Craig has automated stuff in my business that has been done manually for years and he’s done it effectively in terms of money and labour. It’s the little things like invoicing online and not having to call customers up and create paper based records that need to be destroyed later. Staff can then concentrate on their key priorities, not trying to do a load of admin and paper-stacking.’

Final Thoughts

‘With Craig, you get someone who wants to get under the skin of your business, who wants to understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how Zoho can help you to achieve it quicker, faster or better.

You pay your money, you get it set up, it just works away in the background and you think why on Earth haven’t I done this two or three years ago.’

With Target Cloud, you get someone who wants to get under the skin of your business, who wants to understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how Zoho can help you to achieve it quicker, faster or better.

Ben Moulton | Commercial Director | Anglia Freight

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