Revolutionise with secure cloud based Customer Relationship Management

Revolutionise Your Sales

The bread and butter of secure cloud CRM. For a full view of your business pipeline and to manage your sales team, there’s no better solution.

Focus on fun

A bespoke party booking CRM provides automated confirmation emails to keep clients informed and follow-up surveys provide valuable feedback.

Business networking made easier

Track your networking activity. Report on successful meetings, store 1-2-1 notes and build solid relationships.

Simplifying Training Schools

Starting with your delegates, a bespoke CRM allows you to manage bookings, venues and tutors. Integrated with email marketing and website, it becomes a lean, mean, booking machine.

It's not all about sales

Charities can use secure cloud CRM to manage people in need through a process to improve lives. This helps our charity clients secure funding with reports detailing success stories.

Recruitment made simple

Managing the recruitment process from posting the job adverts to employing the right candidate. We have it covered.

Win more tenders and manage complex projects

Integrate sales with powerful cloud based project management to win and deliver successful construction projects.

Integrated till to increase loyalty and sales

Integrated secure cloud till systems with your CRM unleash the power of customer loyalty.

Using Zoho Cardscanner to import business cards

Collecting business cards from networking events, trade shows and in social situations is pretty standard behaviour. It's what we do with that valuable information afterwards that really counts. It's a wonderful gesture in business when someone shares their business...
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GB Cycling Team : 7 Lessons we can learn in business from this inspirational bunch

I've really enjoyed watching the cycling at the Rio Olympics. The Great Britain team are a masterclass in commitment, teamwork and an outright will-to-win. As business owners, we've always had lots to learn from those who compete at the highest levels. Here's my take...
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Talking Cloud CRM and 4Networking on Future Radio

Next week on 18th August, I'm making an appearance on the wireless. I'm a big fan of radio as a medium and a long-time listener to BBC 6Music. The presenters and guests all feel like friends who chat away about stuff that makes me happy. So, when the opportunity came...
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Explainer Video : How to automate field updates in Zoho CRM

Automatically updating fields in Zoho CRM can be quite tricky. There's currently no "Update" option during import and I regularly get requests from my clients to pass data from one field to another, sometimes between different modules. The video is my step by step...
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Zoho CRM 2016 Adding Your User Signature to Email Templates

The upgrade to Zoho CRM 2016 has been a pleasure so far. The enhancements will bring huge benefits to my clients including an improved user interface, integration with popular cloud services like Mailchimp, Eventbrite and Dropbox as well as new features such as...
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Customer Relationship Management

Revolutionise your sales with secure cloud CRM. Ditch the spreadsheets and manage leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities to improve your sales process.

Email Marketing

Revolutionise your marketing with effective automated email campaigns. Fully integrated with your CRM, it’s a powerful way to turbo charge your sales pipeline.

Recruitment and HR

Manage your people from recruitment to employment. Provide self-service for employees and automate processes to save time and money. Securely store and track staff records in the cloud for an efficient and paperless HR department.

UK based Zoho Alliance Partner

Target Cloud are proud to be one of only twelve UK based Zoho Alliance Partners in the UK. Selected by a global company due to consistent delivery, a wide ranging understanding of products and most importantly, happy clients.

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