Like any business, sole traders and sole proprietorship need applications to function. Managing the business on spreadsheets, mobile contacts and notes, email inboxes becomes unmanageable as the business grows. It creates managed chaos.

This is when these businesses start to look for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. There’s lots of choice on the market, so I see the question being asked all the time “Which CRM do you recommend?”

It always depends on what you want to achieve, but here are the typical main functions of a sole owner business :

  • Collect leads from the website
  • Store Contact Details and log notes and activities for follow-up
  • See all client communications in one place i.e. emails, calls, social interactions and meetings
  • Manage Business information
  • Produce a sales pipeline
  • Draft and send Quotes
  • Produce Reports to make business decisions
  • Manage Accounting and link to bank transactions

And here are some of the other functions that may also be important to a single owner business :

  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Subscriptions or recurring payments
  • Website management including Live Chat
  • Customer surveys and online forms
  • Customer support
  • Managing an inventory of items

So, back to the question, “Which CRM do you recommend?”. Go down the lists above and mark what you need and what you would be nice-to-have.

Everything is provided for you in Zoho One. You can ditch the subscriptions for Mailchimp, Office 365, Gravity Forms, Zopim, SurveyMonkey, Zapier, Xero and so on…..

I’ve moved my entire business and saved hundreds of pounds in subscriptions.

How does Zoho do this?

The model is based on a per employee basis rather than per user. This means that larger organisations pay based on their payroll. This is OK as their employees will have access to an application stack that allows huge flexibility and scope without making complex decisions each time they need to deliver something.

But, for the single business owner, it’s an absolute No-Brainer. You’re one employee. One monthly cost. And it’s free to try for 30 days. 




Zoho One. 35+ Business Applications

Zoho One has all the applications to run your business. Get your work done from any browser, from anywhere.

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