Welcome to Zoho CRM. If you’re a new user, then setting up your own Personal Settings will enable you to become a presence on the system and get you used to the Setup environment and some of the special features that Zoho CRM brings to individual users.

Setting up your own environment in Zoho CRM is straightforward and can create the personal space that you use each working day. To access your Personal Settings, head over to “Setup” which can be found in the top right of your Zoho CRM workspace. Once there, choose Personal Settings.

Zoho CRM Personal Settings

Once in your Personal Settings, you can check the following information. Firstly, check that your Language and Locality are set to United Kingdom (if that’s where you’re based). This affects the date format so that it’s dd/mm/yyyy rather than the US standard of placing the month at the start of the date. You should also set your timezone to Greenwich Mean Time. There’s a few options available, but stick to the standard one shown and this will ensure that all users will be in the same zone.

It’s also advisable to add a profile picture. This will appear in the Feeds module later and is a really quick way to find out who’s making changes or keeping up to date with colleagues.

Set locality and add a profile picture

It’s also recommended that each user adds their own email signature. This can be copied from an existing signature, but images will need to be re-inserted. The email signature is used when any emails are sent from Zoho CRM. More on that later….

Once you’ve updated your profile, you can change the look and feel of the CRM to suit your needs. You can change the colours of the Tab Bar if required. A really neat feature in this section is to check the “Fit to Screen” option. This will ensure that you use the full capability of widescreen monitors which will really help when creating complex views.

I prefer the white background especially if your administrator has uploaded a logo with a white background. So, go ahead and select that option if it works for you.

Use Fit to Screen to maximise widescreen monitor views

Setting up your Personal Settings in Zoho CRM is an important first step for any new user. It ensures that dates are formatted correctly, time zones are all in sync and brings a face to the organisation and system.

Zoho CRM

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