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A perfect extension to your own team. Everything you need in Zoho done for you by a flexible and trustworthy team.

Create Reports

Let us know what you would like to report on and we’ll create and implement it for you. We use Zoho CRM Reports for simple reporting and Advanced Analytics (Zoho Reports) for more detailed breakdowns.

Once your reports are in place, we’ll set up easily accessible dashboards for your senior team, sales managers and end users.

Custom Functions

When you need functionality that isn’t standard in Zoho, then you’ll need a Custom Function. Our team of developers are experience in Deluge script which allows us to create exactly what you need within CRM and other services.

Workflow and Automation

Workflow and automation can be a huge benefit for your business, but can be complex to configure. Our Advanced Support team can configure workflows for you to really get your processes moving. Examples include date-based workflows, process maps (Blueprint), trigger workflows, assignments and approvals.


Connecting up Zoho to your third party cloud apps can be tricky, but with our assistance, we’ll have them talking to each other in no time. We use a combination of Flow, Zapier and APIs to link up your essential tools.

User Management and Permissions

It’s essential for any business to ensure that data is protected and only the right employees have access to the right data at the right time. With the correct Role and Profile assigning and good organisation design in Zoho, the platform will be worry free.


Zoho works out of the box but it’s just not your system until it’s been customised. Adding the right fields to capture the data you need, changing layouts so that your users think the system is a delight to use and setting up home pages to ensure everyone’s making the most of CRM and other tools. Our team are experts in ensuring you have the best experience.

Data Imports

Moving from one system to another can be a daunting experience. With our expertise importing data into Zoho CRM, we’ll ensure that you don’t miss any data during the transition.

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