I love Dropbox. I moved to it 3 years ago when I finally lost it with Office 365’s OneDrive. The synchronisation issues I faced daily just meant that I had to switch it off. So, I made the move to Dropbox on their £8 a month plan. It’s an individual plan but is shared between my team. As we grow, I suspect an upgrade to one of their business plans would have been on the cards.

Dropbox hasn’t let me down once. It’s always been there on mobiles, desktops and setting up new users has been a breeze. The upload and scan document feature on the mobile app has also been a godsend for my Accounts team who use it for scanning receipts and invoices into Zoho Books.

It’s going to be a tough one to ditch, but an easy one to migrate away from.

I currently have around 35GB of data stored – not a huge amount, but remember that the business data is pretty much stored within Zoho CRM. These are files that are important and specific to clients, marketing images and company records.

The migration is a straight file transfer to Zoho Docs. I’ll need to set up some shares with clients, but it’s also a good time to review the old shares that were created and are no longer required.

I’ll run a trial period of 1-3 months to ween me and my team off Dropbox. This will ensure that every single business process for storage is tested first and that Zoho Docs can offer the functionality I need. I’m pretty certain it does.

Once happy, it’s time to flick the switch. Dropbox has been a friend, but it makes no sense to have multiple solutions when they’re all delivered and integrated with Zoho One.

Wish me luck.

I’ll be covering more migrations to everything Zoho One over the coming weeks.



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