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Zoho CRM Audit

Why? Many of our clients came to us for help as they didn't have the correct support and direction from the start of their CRM journey. A full Audit will reinvigorate your use of the CRM and you will see immediate benefits.

What you get? As part of the Audit we will document the current set up of your CRM and present this to you with our recommendations. In many cases, we will implement changes that will have an immediate impact on what you get out of the CRM.

Who needs it? Any business who has invested in Zoho CRM and wants to get the most out of it.

When? As soon as you place your order for an audit, we will be in touch to arrange a initial discussion and will begin the audit of your CRM to fit in with your requirements.

Full CRM Audit

Target Cloud will review your entire Zoho CRM Setup and produce a report on every component with recommendations, advice and alerts.

Customise and Automate

As part of the Audit, we will implement basic customisation and automation to get you using the CRM effectively.

Reports and Dashboards

We will create starter Dashboards and Reports to kick start your journey with Zoho CRM

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