Even in our digital age, certain businesses and types still rely on sending a letter or a document. With Zoho CRM, producing this information can be as simple as sending an email when configured correctly.

The Mail Merge feature in Zoho CRM is easy to use and templates can be imported from Microsoft Word, so it should be a familiar environment. You can also use the inbuilt Zoho Writer is Word isn’t in your application portfolio.

Another query that I often receive is how to mark a letter as sent within the CRM Lead/Contact record. For single instances, you can always attach the actual letter using the Attachments section. If this isn’t an option due the volumes, then my suggestion is to use the new “Tags” which are now standard within Zoho.

This How-To video will explain where to find and how to use Mail Merge correctly. I also run through the ability to Tag records so that you know who you’ve sent letters to on a mass basis.

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