Automatically updating fields in Zoho CRM can be quite tricky. There’s currently no “Update” option during import and I regularly get requests from my clients to pass data from one field to another, sometimes between different modules.

The video is my step by step guide to configuring a field update using Zoho CRM’s workflow, webhooks and Zapier. I’ve used an example that one of my clients asked me for recently. They wanted to have the option to automatically transfer address fields from the Contact record to the Account record without having to re-type each time.

This method can also be combined with the Mass Update feature in Zoho CRM to update a large set of records. It’s much easier than exporting the data, adding in the new fields and then re-importing.

I hope you find the video useful. It’s my first attempt at an explainer video, so go easy on the comments. All feedback is gratefully received and if you like them, I’ll hope to do more. Just ask me any questions you have relating to Zoho CRM and I’ll do my best to answer your query.

You can get in touch using the contact form and just post your question in the comments.

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