I’ve invented a new marketing term, Tweads. It’s revolutionised the way I look at Twitter and how I use it. A “Twead” is a lead generated by Twitter. A new kind of lead. And a very powerful one if used well.

Generating leads for any business is a hard part of of the marketing process. Firstly, what is a lead? Well, it’s the workspace for the marketing teams to generate the very top of the funnel or the front end of any business.

Leads usually come from various sources, including website enquiries, trade shows, data marketing lists, business cards that have been collected at networking meetings, and so on. They’re usually rough around the edges and need developing to become an established contact, account and opportunity.

Social media has brought along another chance to develop leads within your business. It can be quite chaotic out there with so much noise, so you have to be careful about how you go about finding what’s relevant to your business, and focusing on the right conversations is the key to unlocking the right leads.

On Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook alone, there are huge quantities of business owners and decision makers having digital conversations about your products and services in your locations and maybe, without you even knowing about it.

So, I started an experiment. Any conversations that include certain keywords about my products and services are captured from Twitter and the tweet is captured in my Zoho Customer Relationship Management system as a new lead.

What is a Twead?

Simple. It’s a lead generated in Twitter.

What is a Zap?

A very clever bit of technology that acts as the glue between different cloud platforms.

What is CRM?

Easy. Customer Relationship Management. A secure cloud based platform to develop your sales, marketing and business functions.

I’ve chosen Twitter to complete the experiment. I find it engaging and quick to work with, but that’s not to say the same couldn’t be achieved with LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms. Here are my top tips for setting these up your Tweads.

Number one, focus. It’s the same as setting your Google keywords. We’re not searching the whole of Twitter. We’re searching for those key points where people are having a conversation about the things that our business is interested in. For instance, Customer Relationship Management, email marketing, networking are the types of topics where I want to be alerted if people are talking about those.

Number two, location. There’s no point scouring the globe for keywords if you have a local product. Set your search based on geography. That might be a radius within 25km of your office, or pinpointed for your county or region.

Number three, engage in conversation before going in with the #BuyMyStuff. Make sure that you are finding out about their business or understanding their needs. It’s quick and simple to do this via Twitter.

Number four, have a simple offering. A link to a landing page or website where it shows more about the details you’ve talked about is better than trying to get all those details out within a 140 character Tweet. Have a simple offering where you can point people to.

Number five, the big one for me is capturing and measuring. Those Tweads that are coming in via Twitter, come in automatically into my Zoho CRM. From there, I can filter through and find out which ones I need to engage with, and then develop them into contacts, accounts, and ultimately opportunities and sales. Some of them warrant an automatic response or auto-follow but as they in my CRM, this is very easily configured too.

I can measure the success of those keywords searched on Twitter, or make refinements as to what I need to change, and how I need to develop it.

How to set up Tweads

Setting up Tweads, my experimental platform is pretty straight forward. It’s using a combination of Twitter, Zapier and Zoho CRM, and linking the data between the three cloud platforms. Using Zapier’s geographic searching allows me to focus on a region. If that’s something you’re comfortable in setting up, go for it. Just follow the links for Zapier and Zoho CRM if you don’t currently have the tools.

Of course, if you need help to set up your “Tweads”, do get in touch, and I’d be more than happy to help and guide you in the process.

Tweads. Now that could stick. I’d better register the domain name…..

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