Onsite Team Training

Empower your team, love Zoho CRM.

Is your business getting the most from Zoho CRM? Fed up with users complaining that CRM is just an extra bit of admin? Is managing your Zoho CRM environment giving you insomnia?

Target Cloud’s onsite training courses are designed with your business and users in mind. We aim to turn Zoho CRM into a system that everyone loves to use and can see the real benefit from all departments and staff.

The courses are all provided at your premises and can be for up to 12 delegates. Our timetable is flexible with instant booking below.

Bespoke Training for your Business

We’ll get in touch to speak about your exact requirements for the day. The agenda items below are examples of what we cover.

Start with Zoho CRM

Customise the look and feel to match your branding. Get started with your own secure, cloud CRM as used by Target Cloud Consulting and our clients. We use and recommend Zoho CRM. It’s simple to get started, really flexible and will integrate with your other cloud tools. You’ll have your own version (trials available). The first task of the day is to ensure it looks like your CRM.

Working with your CRM

Learn your way around Zoho CRM. Create powerful views that will revolutionise the way you work, use the powerful search facility and index to find your way around the CRM easily and organise modules for a clean, slick system.

Capture your Leads

Identify your lead sources. You may be surprised. Working with the other delegates, identify your lead sources and share new ones. We’ll then learn how to capture leads in your new CRM from different sources.

Manage Your Contacts

Learn how to import and customise your contact and account data, business cards, spreadsheets or general notes. Your contact data is the lifeblood of your business and I’ll show you how to keep it clean and maintain accurate records and activities against each contact record.

Develop a Sales Pipeline

Understand opportunities and sales pipeline and how to turn prospects into clients with positive next actions, how to qualify so that you use your precious time wisely. Produce intelligent business forecasts and dashboards at the click of a button.

Automate your emails

You’ll learn how to create email templates and implement an automated workflow to send them when you say so.

Create powerful business reports

Learn how to generate meaningful business reports quickly and easily that will provide you with the information you need to plan, focus and revolutionise your business.

Read our delegate success stories

Before undertaking the course my contacts and leads consisted of business cards and random bits of paper!
Craig’s help and support was invaluable in getting me unto speed with using the CRM, and the process of qualifying enquiries.

I’ve now spent a productive few days getting most of my leads and contacts on the cloud database, including details of the sales “opportunities” – where we have submitted proposals. This process has given me a much better sense of where the business is now and potential sales going forward as well as where to target my sales effort going forward.

Peter Lawrence

HR Consultant, Human Capital Department

Revolutionary!!! I was amazed how a simple piece of software could make such a difference to my sales pipeline with just a few simple clicks! The training had a logical flow and Craig shared lots of useful information and hints and tips about how to turn leads into contacts and qualify sales opportunities. I cannot wait to get started and am very excited about the next stage of my journey to grow my business. Totally worth the money and day out of the office.

Andrea Hardiman

Marketing Consultant, All about the Message

Craig was very professional and made Zoho CRM very easy to understand.

Lucy Blake

Business Development Partner, Adept IT

Before I entered the room with Craig, I had never used a CRM system before. After our days training with Craig I felt very confident using the system, and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in CRM to come along to this course.

The course was very hands on, no sitting and watching a presentation all day! 🙂 Craig’s training style was very relaxed which fits the course perfectly.

Mitchell Vale

General Administrator, Red Cat Partnership

Craig totally nailed it! I’d been thinking about a CRM solution for my business for sometime and had looked into a few solutions, most of which appeared to have very steep learning curves, so I was put off. However, along came Craig with a days training, at a very reasonable price and a guarantee that I would come away with a functioning CRM and the knowhow to get started.

Craig deliverd on all levels. The training was professional, well structured, with superb 1-2-1 support, relaxed yet focused and at a great venue… and sure enough, thanks to Craig, I came away excited and enthusiastic about having my own CRM solution that I can now develop to improve and grow my business. Don’t hesitate, book yourself on Craig’s course, it might just be the best decision you make to grow your business.

Glen Manship

Business Owner, Red Hot Media

Craig’s CRM training day was thorough and exactly what I’ve been looking for in my business. I’ve used databases before so was familiar with most of the functionality, but Craig guided us through step by step as every software is unique. Brilliant training, can’t wait to get stuck in.

Nikki Butlin

Managing Director, Athena Business Services


Likely to recommend the course to others...


Increased my skills and knowledge in sales and CRM...

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