Next week on 18th August, I’m making an appearance on the wireless. I’m a big fan of radio as a medium and a long-time listener to BBC 6Music. The presenters and guests all feel like friends who chat away about stuff that makes me happy. So, when the opportunity came up to do the same, I jumped at it.

Future Radio in Norwich is a community radio station with an eclectic mix of music, topics and discussions. Each Thursday from 12pm to 2pm, Richard Maun, a best selling author and lecturer at Cranfield University and Anna Stevenson, a PR & Marketing Consultant, host a show focussed on Norfolk business.

Since being asked on the show, I’ve been a converted. I’m now a regular listener each Thursday and it’s like networking from your desk. There’s so many new connections to be made and hints and tips from the guest speakers.

So, next week, it’s me in the hotseat. But, I know what’s coming. Not because I’ve written a script, but because it’s been pre-recorded. Radio’s a 24/7 medium, but unfortunately, the presenters aren’t and they’ve decided to go on holiday. But, the show must go on and you can hear the pre-recording “live” on 18th August between 12pm and 2pm.

I’ll be talking about the impact of cloud technology on business and how it’s changing our approach to technology, sales and marketing. I’ll also be flying the flag for 4Networking in the region in the second part of the show.

Plus, the music’s great.

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