After nearly 300 meetings in 3 years with 4Networking, it’s time to share with you how it’s worked for Target Cloud. Networking can be a strange marketing platform. And it’s just that. A marketing platform. Networking is not about sales. It generates sales, but to do this, you have to build strong business relationships first.

In my latest 4Sight (a short 20 minute non-sales presentation), I talk about three tools you can use to be more effective in your networking. The focus is on #SellLessToSellMore. It’s a strange concept, but the minute you stop selling, you start selling.


Tool #1 : The ABCD Killer 40 seconds. Grab the room. Get in your potential client’s head. Add credibility and tell everyone what the next step is. All simplified with an ABCD.

Tool #2 : Client, Supplier, Partner Model. Use this model to work out your own effective approach to networking. It’s often much easier to build partners first and turn them into trusted clients and suppliers. Use this tool to map out your existing business world and look to turn existing contacts into new clients.

Tool #3 : SCOTSMAN. Qualify out those time-wasting opportunities. Only sell when you can win. Use SCOTSMAN to identify the opportunities where everything is right. This tool is always in my notebook ready to ask a prospect some key questions.

To receive your A5 version of these tools, just complete the short form below and we’ll send you a copy to print off and start your #SellLessToSellMore journey.




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