When working for BT Global Services, the teams would regularly receive “world class” sales training. Most of it was geared towards consultative selling, managing tenders and ensuring that I could hold my own in C-Level boardrooms. There is one tool that will stay with me forever. He’s known as the SCOTSMAN.

Sales qualification is your key to working only on the opportunities that you have a good chance of winning and qualifying out deals that will only drain your time, resources and worse still, turn out to be free consultancy.

It’s always great when a new opportunity arises for your product or service. We work hard to get them. But, qualify hard in the early stages and your conversion rate will rise. So, let’s meet the SCOTSMAN :


Understand what your client requirements are. Do you have a solution that fits?


Who are you up against? This will help you focus on your strengths.


What is your USP and have you told the client about it?


When does your client require your product or service?


Can your company deliver the project? Too big or too small can both be disastrous.


Does you client have the budget available?


Are you speaking with the decision maker?



Have you ever bought something you don’t need? Neither will your client. Find out what’s driving the requirement.


Add custom fields to Zoho CRM to capture a SCOTSMAN qualification. You can tick off each element once qualified and create tasks for your salespeople if there’s gaps.

You can try out SCOTSMAN on some of your existing deals. Try using the tool on a won, open and lost deal to see how it applies to your business. In most cases, won deals will have 6-8 of the criteria ticked. Those open deals may need more information to qualify and progress them further. The lost deals will be the ones where you just didn’t have enough information to qualify. So, rather than lose them, qualify them out. It will save you time and make you a professional salesperson. Even if you’re not from Scotland.

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