LJ Homes use Zoho suite to manage the construction business

Our Story

As a builder, we’re really hot on project management.  It’s also hugely important that the build is of good quality, runs to time and meets our customers’ needs.  We’d been using Access software to manage our projects, but it wasn’t accessible on line and we felt we weren’t managing our time effectively.  We needed to find a different way of running our projects and looking after our customers too. We do a lot of networking and one of our contacts recommended we try Craig at Target Cloud.

Our investment has changed the way we run our business

Zoho Books has given us more visibility of what money is coming into and going out of our business. It helps us track time spent on each project, what purchase orders have been raised and what expenses have been incurred.  It’s made our cost analysis for each project far more effective.  One key bit of functionality is that it allows a PO to remain ‘open’ once it’s been created.  This is useful because we can insert the date it was delivered and when we’ve been invoiced it automatically becomes a Bill.

Zoho Projects has improved the way we manage our projects. Whether in the office, on site, or out and about, we can track its status, organise and allocate tasks or check requirements.  And if we’re really busy, the system will prompt us to order the next lot of materials from details in the project plan.  As the project Gantt chart and task manager is aligned with Outlook, we also get email reminders for when the next task needs to be completed or if the date for a dependency has changed.  Our new Zoho Project App on our phones means we can check the latest project status wherever we are and any updates we add can be seen by the office.  Its handy project forum post functionality allows everyone working on the project to have live conversations, providing greater visibility around decisions that need to be made.

Our CRM system is great!  All of our customer information and progress with live quotes is now in one place.  The CRM system also links straight into Zoho books.  This has simplified things no end when raising a purchase order for a customer.  We can now select the customer from our CRM database and link it straight to the order in Zoho books.  No more working from multiple screens trying to find the correct customer information ever again!

The benefits are huge

We feel more in control of each project as all of our business operations now work together in harmony. We couldn’t be more pleased and are very excited to see everything so joined up.  Getting a system that works properly is amazing and the process was so straightforward. It’s so satisfying to have total visibility of all of our projects in one place and to have each member of the team all hooked up too.  Everything feels so much easier.



Craig was quick to pick up what we needed and had a complete understanding of our requirements from day one.  He helped us identify what the different packages offered and gave us lots of ideas on where we could add additional flexibility by linking them together and where we couldn’t.  Any tweaks were done quickly and simply.  There was no hard sell, just a personal, friendly and very professional service.

Karen Jones

Managing Director, LJ Homes

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