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Zoho Online Training

When you've deployed Zoho CRM successfully, it's time to bring the users online and ensure you have an administrator in place to support your organisation. This is where our comprehensive training program works.

All our training is delivered online using Zoho Webinar technology and we ensure they're interactive, fun and tailored to your business. 

We have a dedicated training team who work on our busy Advanced Support so they're ready to answer your questions. We provide backup support on every webinar to ensure we keep them as interactive as you need. The online Q&A is fun, informal and a great way to engage your new users whilst they learn.

Our popular Zoho CRM Webinars are provided in four stages. Starter and Advanced are recommended for all users of your CRM. Extra will be useful for those users who may be using the mobile app or power users. And finally, Admin is our five-part intensive program to ensure you have a company representative or team of representatives who can support your end users and liaise with Target Cloud when they require Advanced Support.

Training is recommended for all our new implementations of Zoho CRM, but existing clients and those who just require training are always welcome to enquire about topping up their users' skills with Zoho. Just click the Contact Us below and we'll respond with a solution to fit your training needs.

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Zoho CRM Starter

Agenda (2 Hours Online)

Navigate Zoho CRM like an Expert

Managing Personal Settings

How to find anything using four Search methods (TOP TIPS)

Creating new records

Using Tags, Notes and Attachments

Segmenting records using Custom Views

Managing your Activities

Zoho CRM Advanced

Agenda (2 Hours Online)

Managing your Sales Process

Deduplication of Records

Building custom Reports in Zoho CRM

Adding Analytics Components

Customising your Home Screen

Zoho CRM Extra

Agenda (2 Hours Online)

Creating Email Templates

Creating Inventory Templates

Scanning Business Cards and linking to CRM

Top Tips and Features in Zoho CRM Mobile App

Managing GDPR Requests

Zoho CRM Admin

Agenda (5 x 2 Hours Online)

Session 1 : Users and Security

Session 2 : Customisation

Session 3 : Automation

Session 4 : Process Management

Session 5 : Data Administration