When I logged into my Zoho CRM this morning, I noticed something rather compelling. Against one of my clients, it had a “Best time to call” notification. It said my chances of getting through to her were best in 11 minutes’ time. Intrigued, I called anyway. When my client answered, she replied with “Hi Craig, can I call you back in 10 minutes, I’m just parking the car.”. How did Zoho CRM know????

Part of Zoho’s latest platform updates, Zia or Zoho Intelligent Assistant has raised a few “wow moments” from my clients this week. How does CRM know when it’s best to call being the main one. It can also suggest workflows based on repeated activity. This is something that I’ve encouraged my clients to work towards, but now Zoho CRM is doing the work instead.

Zia is based on Zoho CRM looking at the interaction and history thats built up such as successful calls, emails opened, completed tasks and makes suggestions based on the activity. This is going to be a massive boost to productivity and I’m excited to hear the client suggestions that come back to me for sharing and deployment.

You can read the full detail behind Zia here.

Along with Zia, there’s been some other developments released this week which I’ll be testing over the next few days.

These include the following :

  • Blueprints to replace my scrappy flipcharts and use Zoho to map out business process before deploying workflow and customisation.
  • Office 365 native integration
  • Slack integration
  • More IP Telephony providers are available via Phonebridge, although I still love RingCentral and its simplicity
  • Conditional fields will be really useful for some clients. The functionality has been in Zoho Forms for some time, but I’ve always thought it should be in CRM too.


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