Target Cloud


Ideal for businesses :​

  • Looking to move away from spreadsheets or legacy CRM
  • Looking to streamline business process and save time
  • Considering Zoho but don't know where to start

Why use Target Cloud to implement Zoho?


Move away from spreadsheets or legacy systems and on-premise CRM.


Deploy modern, vibrant systems that users and admins will love.

Access to Experts

Have the confidence that a UK based partner is available when needed most. 

Expertise to help you get started with Zoho

Our implementation team will start by analysing your current data and process. This may be spreadsheets, CSV files or you may be migrating away from a CRM that isn’t currently suitable for your business. In some cases, it may be your first venture into a digital platform, so we’ll work with you to understand how you currently do things.

We’ll provide customisation of Zoho CRM so that it’s tailor-made to your business requirements. We ensure that it’s customised to provide a pleasant user experience so that your teams adopt and use the system your investing in. Once CRM is configured, we’ll build the additional apps that you require for marketing, service, process management and more. 

As your Zoho Advanced Partner, we’re experts in the Zoho product suite, so will provide advice on licensing and product choices.

We’ve completed over 150 Zoho implementations now, so you’re in safe hands. Our Zoho Advanced Partner status ensures that you’re making a good choice with Target Cloud. We’re around for the long term to help grow and support your business as you transform.

We love Zoho. It's what we do. We're absolute experts and proud to be an Advanced Partner.

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