Estate Agents receive hundreds of leads per day from web-based vendors such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, Tepilo and more. The problem is, the vendors don’t make it particularly easy for them.

Each time someone clicks on the Request Details button, the good folk at Rightmove HQ do the right thing and send off an email to the Estate Agent who placed the advert.

They’re nice folks. Especially those at Rightmove but all the other vendors do exactly the same thing. If they could integrate with your CRM system instead, I’m pretty sure they would, but the problem is, there’s just too many out there.

Instead, the vendors send an email to a generic email address. Usually something like or 

There’s usually then a scramble. Commission hungry estate agents (the best kind!), will be keen to respond. In fact, research shows that responses within the first 30 minutes to property enquiries result in the the most viewings.

The email from Rightmove looks like this. It’s really pretty, but not particularly useful in its current format…

Of course, the keen estate agent will pick up the phone immediately and make contact with the new lead. Possibly sending more details or even arranging a viewing.

At this point, the data still isn’t in the CRM, so none of the less keen agents know if it’s been responded to or followed-up. Tough right? Well, not really…

Email is chaotic in all businesses. It’s unstructured and doesn’t fall into a natural sales process. It’s just a popular, easy-to-use channel that vendors use to pass on leads and property enquiries.

This is where we used to help out our estate agent friends. Zoho CRM has its own mail parser built into Enterprise edition, but it’s not as powerful as and wow, those vendor emails are complex.

The Parsing Rules are the clever bit. They take each element of the email you’ve been sent by the vendor and strip out the information into fields that can then be used i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone and the property they’ve requested details for.

Once you’ve completed your parsing rules and tested to see that you’re getting the right information from the email, you can send the data anywhere.

Of course, we use and recommend Zoho. It’s what we’re good and we’ve specially configured it just for our estate agent clients.

You send the data using the Webhook Integrations. This can get complicated, so if you get stuck, just ask us how to do it using the form at the bottom of the blog.

Once in the estate agency CRM, it can be managed much better. You may have a formal sales process or you simply have a central place for all your leads where you can add notes and refer back when needed.

Either way, it saves a whole lot of time copy and pasting, allows your estate agent team to all be friends and ensures you don’t miss any leads due to a messy email inbox.

Integrating and Zoho for an estate agent has been one of my favourite projects so far. It’s such a simple way to drastically improve the way that leads were handled. And now that leads are in Zoho CRM, it’s opened up options for automation, improved sales process, pipeline reporting and analytics.

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