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CRM Toolkit for Zoho

A simple to install, one-stop data validation widget integrated with Zoho CRM. Available as an extension in Zoho Marketplace.

Includes type-ahead Address Lookup using accurate global address data and Email/Phone Validation provided by Loqate.

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Easy to use, global, accurate address lookup in Zoho CRM.

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Designed by our Clients

CRM Toolkit is built for our clients and made available to all. The tools are real-life requirements and use accurate, global address data provided by Loqate.

Accurate Address Data

Accurate Address Data

By cross-referencing, combining and cleansing the data from multiple sources within individual countries, we provide our customers with access to the world’s most comprehensive and detailed repository of address data.


Easy Installation

CRM Toolkit is now available on Zoho Marketplace with a one-click installation.


Simple to Manage

Configuring CRM Toolkit is made so simple with our drag and drop mappings feature. Easily map Zoho fields to address data fields from Loqate

Drag and Drop Customisation

Completely Customisable

Map any field in any Zoho CRM module, including custom modules.

Enhance Zoho CRM

CRM Toolkit is a widget that integrates with Zoho CRM to enhance the functionality and improve data with endless possibilities.

Getting started with CRM Toolkit is easy as it's available on Zoho Marketplace and no development knowledge is required to install or manage the tool.

We'll be adding functionality to CRM Toolkit over time, but we've listened to our clients and the first tools available are our popular Address Lookup, Email Validation and Phone Validation services linked to Loqate's award winning type-ahead search.

To get started, you can install the extension from Zoho Marketplace. You'll also find video guides below.

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View Extension on Zoho Marketplace

Help Videos

Quick Start Installation

Installing CRM Toolkit is very straightforward. This video shows you step-by-step on how to get started from Zoho Marketplace and takes less than 4 minutes to install and configure.

We collect some details on installation, so it's important to us that you know this. Click here to find out what data we collect.

Mapping Custom Fields

One of the biggest requirements of CRM Toolkit was the ability to map custom fields in Zoho CRM.

Video guide on how to configure CRM Toolkit in Zoho CRM to map custom address fields to the Loqate dataset

Webinar : Improve address data in 3 simple steps

In this short webinar, we show you how to install, configure and user CRM Toolkit in Zoho CRM.

Includes the capability to install CRM Toolkit in custom modules and map custom fields.

Special offer code for Packages available in the webinar.

Security. Flexibility. Scalability.

Our strategic partnerships provide us with confidence we can pass this onto our clients.

Zoho Premium Partner

Let's Get Started

CRM Toolkit can be installed from Zoho Marketplace with 100 Lookup Credits . For those needing more Lookups, we have flexible packages ranging from 100 to 1000 Lookups per month. If you need even more than this, please get in touch via the form and we can provide you with special pricing.

Just choose a package based on your monthly requirements and we'll do the rest. The pricing is in GBP for UK customers and USD for Rest of the World customers.

100 Lookup Credits included with every installation from Zoho Marketplace

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