Following the success of the PCMag survey, where Zoho CRM came out on top as the winner of the Business Choice Awards 2019, we thought it would be wise to delve into the results and showcase just why we are the right choice for clients.

Following in the shadow of Zoho CRM is Salesforce although the gulf between the results clearly indicate the that Zoho CRM is streets ahead. However, it is always helpful to provide the finer details and show clients who are struggling that we can help them by migrating them away from Salesforce.

Likelihood to Recommend

As they say in the world of business, there is no better form of advertisement than a recommendation and we believe that the results here speak volumes. Customers gave Zoho CRM a score of 8.0 which is a lot higher than the 6.9 that Salesforce achieved. For those clients who are struggling with Salesforce, being aware that Zoho CRM came out on top when it came to recommendations can help them to make the switch with confidence.


Making the switch to Zoho CRM is one thing but moving from a business such as Salesforce can seem daunting. However, Zoho CRM came out with a score of 8.3, which again was higher than the score of 7.2 that was given to Salesforce. Reliability is of significant importance to clients and Zoho CRM has demonstrated that reliability is a crucial part of the service on offer.

Email Provider Integration

Integrating an email provider into the business operations of a client is vital. The way in which we communicate is underpinned by the ability to rely on an email provider and so, the scores, once again prove that Zoho CRM is clearly leading the way with a score of 8.4 compared to the 7.2 of Salesforce.

Lead Capturing

Capturing leads and enticing them through the entire process to the point where they become a conversion is important to the success of any business. If clients choose to migrate to Zoho CRM from Salesforce, then the scores suggest that clients are sure to benefit as Zoho CRM scored 8.0 with Salesforce following behind with 7.3

Email Tracking 

For businesses that rely on email tracking, knowing that you can rely on a service that provides tangible results makes it possible to adapt and evolve. Email tracking is a vital aspect of marketing strategies and tailoring the way in which a business works within the specific requirements of its clients. Zoho CRM understands this and has displayed this through a score of 8.1 compared to the 7.2 of that of Salesforce.

Social Media Integration

The success of most businesses hinges on the way in which they utilise Social Media. When integrated correctly, social media is a tool that can help businesses to reach a wider market, communicate and grow. If businesses are finding that their social media integration is not quite working in the way they expected with Salesforce, then the scores suggest the Zoho CRM is the better choice after scoring 8.3 in comparison to the 6.5 achieved by Salesforce

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps, whether that be Android or iOS are an important way of life for businesses and users. Having the ability to make use of services on the move and at any time is considered to be a vital part of a service. Therefore, the Zoho CRM mobile apps came out with an astounding 8.5 compared to the score of 6.6 that Salesforce achieved


There is a fine line between offering an exceptional service and positioning the fees and costs where they should be. Clearly, Zoho CRM has been doing things right as the score here clearly reflects the quality we offer is not overshadowed by our pricing. A score of 8.2 for fees and costs leaves us standing head and shoulders above Salesforce who came in with a score of 5.7.

The results, when directly compared to that of Salesforce indicate that Zoho CRM is a force to be reckoned with. If you are looking to make the switch from Salesforce to Zoho CRM, then we can make the migration as painless and as efficient as possible.

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