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Using Zoho Sheet View to improve productivity (Video Guide)

Craig Davies
20.02.20 01:33 PM Comment(s)

If you need to update multiple records in Zoho CRM as a user, then you can use Zoho Sheet View to help you carry out the task quickly and easily. Zoho Sheet View is one of those tools that is hidden away and I often find when I'm doing training sessions, most users aren't even aware it's there to use.

Zoho Sheet View is simple to initiate and you don't need any specific training or skills to update your records in a more efficient way.

My son and I just attended a course with Access Creative College in Birmingham on how to create a YouTube channel and I thought this might be a great exercise to make a start.

So, instead of writing a description, you'll find my first attempt at a YouTube video guide on Zoho Sheet View in the video link below.

Once you discover Zoho Sheet View, you'll find multiple uses for it. It's important to remember that this tool is only for updating existing records and for up to 100 records at a time. If you need to update more records, then you'll need to scroll through your views to reveal a further 100 records or use the Update tool instead. 

You can always ask us for help on more complex updates of your data.