Free Setup of a secure, online collaborative workspace 

Craig Davies
20.03.20 12:30 PM Comment(s)

During this challenging period, many employees are being sent to work remotely and it's never been more essential to stay in touch using digital technology. Unfortunately, some businesses just aren't quite prepared for that, and it's understandable.

We want to do our bit. I've been a remote worker for 22 years and know how to continue operations without the need to visit sites or move about.

One of the simplest wins is to set up a collaborative workspace. During this testing time, we're happy to do that for your business, free of charge.

If you're currently using Whatsapp, Facebook or other consumer-grade apps to communicate with colleagues, then we can help bring that into a secure environment quickly. Your data is important and now is not the time to risk exposing confidential information by using Whatsapp and Facebook groups.

We will set up Zoho Connect External Network for your business for free.

This offer is currently available until April 30th 2020.


Exclusive areas where colleagues can discuss specific projects securely.


Enables people to communicate directly with each other, ask questions and make announcements. Exactly like a secure Facebook feed, without the Ads.

Secure File Storage

A simple and secure storage space to manage files whilst you may not have access to your main on premise server.


For easy collaborative discussions and a replacement for onsite meetings.

Secure External Collaboration

Keep up to date with partners, clients and vendors by inviting them to your collaborative workspace.

Going Mobile

Easy to use mobile app so that everyone can gain access no matter what technology they have available.

There are some costs to consider.

Firstly, we want to do our bit, so the setup will be done for free. We'll try to do this as quickly as possible and we'll request information from you to make this as smooth as possible.

All Zoho Products come with a free trial period of 15 days. After that, the cost of Zoho Connect is £80+VAT per month for unlimited users. Where there is genuine financial hardship, we will try to help you out as much as we can. There are options available to us and we can have a call to see what we can do.

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