Zoho CRM Online Training for End Users (Advanced)

17th September 2019 - 2pm to 4pm Register


Ideal for Zoho CRM users who are looking to get more from CRM and improve process and sales.

  • Importing Data from other sources
  • Creating Visual Analytic Components for an instant view of your data
  • Understand Report Types and create three examples :
    • Tabular Report
    • Summary Report
    • Matrix Report
  • Create a workflow to manage your Sales Process.
  • Integrating your email into CRM
  • Using Zoho Sheet View to update data easily
  • Deduplicating your Leads and Contacts
  • Customising your Home Screen
  • Using Mail Merge for creating letters and forms
  • Creating a Canvas view to enhance your CRM
  • Managing GDPR in Zoho CRM

At the end of this session, you’ll be an advanced user of CRM and have the confidence to explore more features to help you in your role.


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Advanced Hands-On Trainers for top quality sessions

Our trainers are in-house and work on our busy Advanced Support desk dealing with Zoho queries and helping out our clients on a daily basis. They’re absolute experts in real life Zoho!

Zoho CRM Online Training for End Users (Advanced)

17th September 2019 - 2pm to 4pm Register
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