Zoho Desk for Administrators

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Ideal for Zoho Desk Administrators who are aiming to manage and update the system

1. Organise your Zoho Desk

Creating a department and adding agents and channels. We'll show you how to set up your email channel and forwarding.

2. Onboarding your Team

How to add/invite and Agent and set their permissions correctly with Roles and Profiles. We'll also look at setting Customer Happiness to ensure client satisfaction.

3. Enabling Customer Self-Service

Learn how to set up and customise Help Centre, create your Knowledge Base and drive customer engagement with a Community.

4. Automate Ticket Assignment

Understand the options for setting up agent assignment from Round Robin to Direct Assignment and workflows.

5. Set Service Levels

Learn how to create and manage Response and Resolution times for each department.

6. Keeping Everyone Informed

Find out how to set the notifications for your clients and your agents so they feel engaged and know what's happening with their issue.

7. The Headquarters

Review and understand the system dashboards and create custom reports based on your business needs.

8. Integration Setup

We'll show you how to best setup your integrations with Zoho CRM for customer information and Zoho Books for finances.

9. Implementing Process

Desk is all about process, so in the final session, we'll demonstrate how you can set up a simple Blueprint.

At the end of this session you'll be a confident administrator of Desk and have the capability to use the features to help you in your role.

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Meet the Trainer

Our trainers are in-house and work on our busy Advanced Support desk dealing with Zoho queries and helping out our clients on a daily basis.

 They’re absolute experts in real life Zoho!

Craig Davies
​Zoho Desk Trainer