Zoho CRM for Administrators (Part 3)

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Ideal for CRM Users who are looking to manage Zoho CRM for their organisation

1. ZIA Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to configure ZIA in your CRM. The most technologically advanced feature that can revolutionise the way your team work.

3. Custom Functions

Gain knowledge on how to extend oho CRM beyond it's in-built capability with Custom Functions. We'll show you where to create them and how to implement.

5. Course Quiz with Q&A

Time to test yourself. We'll use the online polls and interactive Q&A to test your knowledge from all three CRM Admin Webinars.

2. Automation Part 2

This session focusses on powerful automation features in Zoho CRM with special attention on Blueprints and Approvals.

4. Compliance Settings

Initiating Compliance in your Zoho CRM is essential to keep in line with GDPR. We'll show you how to set this up correctly so that you never need to worry about your business being exposed.

This is an in-depth webinar with lots of technical information. If you are a user of Zoho CRM, then it's likely you'll benefit from our user webinars.

At the end of this session you'll be a confident Administrator of Zoho CRM and have the capability to use the features to help you in your role.

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Meet the Trainer

Our trainers are in-house and work on our busy Advanced Support desk dealing with Zoho queries and helping out our clients on a daily basis.

 They’re absolute experts in real life Zoho!

Mladen Svraka
​Zoho CRM Admin Trainer