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Zoho CRM for Users (Advanced)

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Ideal for  Zoho CRM Users who are looking to manage Zoho CRM for their organisation.

1. Importing Data

Learn how to import data into your CRM using spreadsheets and CSV files and manage updates easily using Zoho Sheet View.

2. Create Visual Analytic Components

Creating visual analytic components for an Instant view of your business. We'll show you how to use Analytics components and how to create your own visuals from custom reports.

3. Understanding CRM Reports

Understand when to use Tabular, Summary and Matrix Reports. We'll show you how to create all three with real-life examples.

4. User Automation

Gain knowledge on how to save time by automating repeated or bulk processes with macros and workflows.

5. Integrating Email into Zoho CRM

Find out about the different options for integrating your email into Zoho CRM.

6. Managing Duplicates

Understand how to manage duplicates - both individual records and on a mass basis

7. Customising your Home Screen

Learn how to customise your Zoho CRM Home Screen so that you see exactly what you need on a day-to-day basis.

8. Using Mail Merge to create and send documents

Find out how to create documents that can be populated with CRM data and create PDFs reading for printing or sending digitally.

9. Canvas View

Make your CRM look spectacular with Canvas View. Add images and format your view screens to add clarity and visuals.

At the end of this session you'll feel like an absolute expert user of Zoho CRM

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Meet the Trainer

Our trainers are in-house and work on our busy Advanced Support desk dealing with Zoho queries and helping out our clients on a daily basis.

 They’re absolute experts in real life Zoho!

Craig Davies
​Zoho Advanced Partner and Trainer