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Zoho Campaigns for Users

23rd January | 2pm to 4pm



Ideal for Zoho Campaigns Users who are looking to get started with Campaigns for effective email marketing.

1. Exploring Zoho Campaigns

Once you log into your Zoho Campaigns account, you’ll land on our welcome page, where you can start creating a mailing list or proceed with your email campaign. 

2. Creating your first mailing list

Once you create your Zoho Campaigns account, you'll be redirected to our welcome page, where you can create your first mailing list. You can create email list/mailing list to organise your contacts and perform different actions on them. 

3. Creating your first email campaign

In this section, you’ll learn how to create and send a successful email campaign.

4. Understanding the Dashboard

When you log in to your Zoho Campaigns account, the first screen you'll see is the Dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overall summary of your account activity in an easily digestible way.
In this section, we’ll take you through different aspects of your dashboard and how it can help you understand various data points in your account.

5. Understanding Reports

A campaign's report summary includes real-time campaign data, campaign reach metrics, opens by time, and opens by location, giving you an overview of how well that campaign has performed.

6. Creating Sign-Up Forms

Using a Sign-Up Form to collect data online is an effective way to build you lists.

7. Using CRM to Segment your Data

The most effective way of segmenting your lists is to use the data you might already have in CRM. We'll show you how to set this up.

8. Going Mobile

A short overview of the mobile app for Zoho Campaigns.

At the end of this session you'll be a confident user of Zoho Campaigns and have the capability to use the features to help you in your role. You'll also receive a recording of the webinar so you can revisit any of the topics for a refresher.

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Meet the Trainer

Our trainers are in-house and work on our busy Advanced Support desk dealing with Zoho queries and helping out our clients on a daily basis.

 They’re absolute experts in real life Zoho!

Craig Davies
​Zoho Advanced Partner