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Business Networking is a highly productive way of marketing your business. A good network will enable you to build your contact base and over time, build highly trusted and valued relationships. Face-to-face networking can compliment digital marketing for your business too. People are much more likely to read and engage with mailshots or interact on social media if they’ve met you in person already.

Having the right systems in place to track 1-2-1s, automate follow-ups and identify your most effective meetings is critical to maximising your ROI for networking.

Zoho can help. Let’s keep it simple. Here are the tools you’ll need to Revolutionise Your Networking :

Business networking is a highly effective marketing strategy

Zoho Contact Manager

A unified view of Contacts and Activities. Everything you need to know about your business contacts is at your fingertips. Continuously stay updated with your team using feeds. Comes fully integrated with Mailchimp, Google Apps, Facebook and Twitter ready to build your database.

Zoho Contact Manager

Ideal for business networking, startups and individuals. Less complex than full CRM. Organize contacts, track deals and integrate with Mailchimp.

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Zoho Card Scanner

More often than not, you end up with stacks of business cards at the end of your business networking meetings. Zoho Card Scanner allows you to take a photo of your business cards using the camera on your iPhone or Android mobile and import them as contacts directly into Contact Manager.

Zoho Card Scanner

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Target Cloud’s Business Networking Story

In March 2014, I joined the organisation known as 4Networking. It’s a UK based network with over 250 groups and thousands of members. The members are known as “passporters” and have the ability to travel to different groups across the UK. When I joined 4N, I saw this as a major unique over other networking options. It meant that I could very quickly build a new contact base in East Anglia and beyond for my new business venture.

Building my contact base led me to tracking my contacts, accounts and opportunities in Zoho Contact Manager from the start of the process. Contact Manager then grew into CRM and has become the centre of my business and is key to managing ongoing relationships – Craig Davies, 4Networking Regional Leader for Norfolk.

Business made easier with 4Networking
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