Full Workflow Management for your Accountancy Practice.


Target Accountancy Practice Management will revolutionise the way your practice runs. No more spreadsheets that were out-of-date the minute you pressed save. Trees will flourish as your reliance on paper files comes to a natural end. Clients will feel informed, loved and know that their accountant is in control of their business. Easy to track reports will mean every member of staff knows what needs doing and when to do it.

Gain control. Be efficient. Create happy clients. Revolutionise.

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Ditch the spreadsheets forever and create happy clients

Manage Client Interaction in One Place

The lifeblood of your Accountancy Practice, the clients. 

With TargetAPM, you’ll have access to all client interactions in one place including Self Assessment workflow, emails, calls, outstanding tasks, meetings, social media, paperwork attachments and notes.

It’s very easy for your whole team to see whats happening with the client from a single screen so that they can make informed decisions.

Dynamic Task Management

Never miss a client deadline again.

Managing tasks for your practice can become complicated as your business base grows. With many deadlines to meet, diary management only goes so far. 

Tasks are automatically created in a contextual way to show what they relate to. Your team can be assigned specific tasks depending on their roles and specialities.

They’re visual too. The flag system enables your users to focus on urgent tasks and never miss a deadline.

Easy to sort. Simple-to-use filters enable users to categorise their activity into management lists and add notes that everyone can see and share.

Real-time, Intelligent Reports

Ditch the spreadsheets forever.

Create reports on any data element within TargetAPM. The more data you store, the more you can report on.

It’s all in real-time too. When the report is viewed, it’s the very latest data you’re looking at and analysing. You can export to PDF for easy access in board meetings or schedule reports to arrive in your inbox when you or your colleagues need them.

Instant Visual Dashboards

 A picture paints a thousand words.

Visual dashboards give you an instantly accessible view on the state of tasks within your Accountancy Practice.

TargetAPM comes with visual dashboards already configured to manage the main accountancy workflows, but you can also configure your own to see the data that’s most important to you.

Add visual dashboards to your Home screen and you can get into “work-mode” as soon as your morning coffee’s ready for drinking.

Automation with a Dash of Personality

One system for all your business process.

Manage VAT Returns, Payroll, Management Accounts, Company Tax Returns and Confirmation Statements for your business clients and Self Assessments for individual and sole trader clients.

TargetAPM will raise records as they become due, meaning that you improve efficiency and increase professionalism.

Clients are kept informed with automated reminders so that your team can focus on the detail rather than worrying about sending emails and basic admin.

Automation, but with a dash of personality.

Engaging Email Templates

Keeping clients informed.

Email just works. It’s simple, effective and businesses use it to communicate on a daily basis.

TargetAPM comes pre-setup with email templates to manage your workflows. In addition, you’ll also have the capability to send news, updates, invitations using easy-on-the-eye templates.

For those simple messages, a basic template that looks like a normal email takes minutes to setup but can save staff hours replacing typing the same message over and over.

All your emails are stored against your Client record, so no need to go hunting around the organisation’s inbox to find that critical email.

Sell Less to Sell More

It all starts with a conversation

Building up trust is a key part of winning new clients. Converting leads into new business is a nurturing process and like any other, needs a system to manage it.

Starting with a simple scan of a business card, TargetAPM enables you to develop the relationship by tracking calls, emails, events, meetings and networking so that you can build up a history of interaction and know when your prospect is ready for your services.

Leads can be entered manually or also imported from previous systems, existing spreadsheets or data lists so that you can track all your data in one manageable system.

With in-built social media tracking, you can engage, advise and interact with their feed to build up rapport and understand your potential client’s business problems, issues and challenges.

Keeping them up-to-date with email newsletters is an absolute breeze with in-built templates, easy to manage content and the ability to segment your prospects to keep content focused and engaging.

The sales part of TargetAPM has been kept purposely simple. It’s about nurturing relationships rather than selling. 

Dedicated Team Support Portal

Support when you need it most

When a system’s critical to your business, it’s essential that someone’s there to help when you need it most.

TargetAPM is a fully UK supported product. You’ll have access to our support portal 24×7 where you’ll find a knowledge base, FAQ and articles to help you get back on track. You’ll have access to our ticket system where you’ll be able to raise queries and you’ll get a fix or next action within 24 hours.

Because TargetAPM is built on global platform, Zoho Developer, you’ll have 24×7 support from Zoho too, meaning that your critical system is available when you need it.

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